Astrid AI Review – Face Swap Bot Features & Benefits

Astrid AI is one of the best AI faceswap sites I’ve encountered. It works through Telegram, ensuring your data and privacy is protected. The end-to-end encryptions and simple functionality will allow you to generate deepfake videos in moments. The competitors don’t offer the same features as you can get here. You can clone voices, ignore objects blocking part of the subject’s face and enhance the quality of the videos and images. 

It’s annoying when there’s a sexy pornstar, but you can’t make a custom video because there’s always a dick in her face. Removing it unlocks so much more potential for creating NSFW pictures and videos. Creating deepfake videos couldn’t be easier with AstridAI. Deepfakes are making their usual run around the internet, usually with bad press. This site has been blowing up lately, with 15,000+ users making thousands of deepfakes daily. 

The homepage was promising: they used a picture of a chick with enough cleavage to get your mind racing with the possibilities of this tech, and the face looked authentic. I wouldn’t have guessed which was the original. The before and after pics of the images also look fantastic. I’m keen to start using this for porn because of who I am, but I could see normies using this for SFW work too.  

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AstridAi Pros & Cons:


  • Cloning and editing voices in videos
  • Impressive quality
  • Fast generations
  • Receives constant support and updates from the devs


  • It doesn’t work with multiple people, and you can’t choose which face gets swapped.
  • It’s all done through Telegram.
  • There is only one free go.

Can people see the images I Uploaded to

No. They’re only for your use. There’s no public gallery or hub where people can see the images you create. You can download them when the image fishes, and then they remove all the media from their servers. Make some AI deepfake porn videos without worrying that people will find out – Telegram is encrypted and reliable. 

They use many different Telegram bots, meaning AstridAI will be long-lived. Even if other faceswap bots get banned, you will always have backups. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, nothing will stop you from making deepfakes and deep nudes. Even the payment portals are secure; you can opt for a card or crypto. 

How to Make Realistic Faceswap Deepfakes

Because it’s all done through Telegram, other faceswap porn apps are more intuitive to use. For example, if you’re making a video, it has to start with the face you want to swap. You can’t upload a video and select what gets swapped. A black screen at the start of the video won’t result in any changes, even when a face comes into frame later on. You might need to tweak or edit the footage you use. If the video has two people, it might swap the wrong face. It can be tricky, but I recommend you use a POV porn video so you don’t run the risk of changing the wrong face. I made that mistake, and the hot chick I’m into had her face mixed with a male body. Her with a dick was not what I wanted to fantasize about. 

To make the best faceswap for an image, you must upload a good picture of the face. It can’t be blurry or too close and has to be front-on. AstridAI will give bad generations if you get one of these requirements wrong. You need to join their two Telegram channels to start using their services. Then, you get a free generation to try out any face you want. The videos take around 5 minutes to generate. That’s not fast, but it takes a lot of juice to make a realistic deepfake video. After you upload a face, choose the destination image, and the bot will pump out the result. My extra-hot bikini model took about 30 seconds to come out of their AI. 

astrid-features image

Custom Deepfake Voices

Adding voices to the videos is fantastic. I’ve seen videos of presidents or celebrities saying different things on YouTube, but it was never believable. It’s more like they grabbed single words from all their speeches and strung them together to make new sentences. The voice clone feature (only for subscribers) means you can change a voice and what it says. It works through text-to-speech and speech-to-speech. You know what I’m thinking, aren’t you? You can reproduce any noise or sound humans make. Considering who’s review you’re reading, adding moans is entirely possible. 

Uploading a porn video and changing the face, plus adding sounds, makes it more immersive. I’m a guy and don’t want to hear myself trying to imitate a girl’s orgasm, but I had a girlfriend moan for me (guess how I got her to) and used that in the video. It worked great. I wasn’t expecting something so realistic, but it makes sense that you can clone authentic voices and make them sound like that. 

It’s the first AI faceswap app I’ve seen that lets me do that, and I’m excited about the next features. Maybe video calls with a deepfake? The bummer is that the cloning feature costs 1500 credits, but you can use the voice for future videos, too.

Rating the Faceswap Quality

The images and videos are fantastic. Being able to clone voices allowed me to make unique porn. The generations are fast, but I felt restricted – if I wanted to make an orgy and swap a few faces, that’s not possible. It’s only the single-person videos you can change. My biggest complaint is you don’t get a countdown timer when you upload your images. The Telegram bot pins that it’s working on the task, but that’s all you get until it finishes. I wondered if something went wrong with a video I made that had me waiting over 5 minutes. It was so good that I wouldn’t have minded staying longer when I got it. 

I’ve been using these videos for a while and have a library of deepfake videos. has been one of the most consistent in giving me wank-bank material. With the right face quality as a base, I wouldn’t believe the chick wasn’t a smoking hot blonde with a voluptuous body. It was a massive improvement on her flat body – extra cushion for the pushin’.

If you don’t have a good model, advanced tools let you enhance the frame and original photo. All the selections have a few options to improve the quality or change the similarity. Say you don’t wanna fall into deep shit for an image, make the similarity the smallest possible. It’ll seem like the person, but not so obvious. That brings me to this next point: don’t make images of people without their consent. There’s a vast grey area with this AI tech, especially if you’re making porn. 

Pricing & Summary:

Free: You can perform one faceswap.
Basic: $9.70/mo for 50 credits/day, priority queue and photo enhancement
Standard: $27.70/mo for 300 credits/day, speech cloning, frame enhancement.
Premium: $49.70/mo for 1000 credits/day, customization and 3 swap models with priority.
I loved making deepfakes with . Thanks to the extra features, it’s one of the most promising deepfake generators I’ve used. Too many of them offer the same service with slightly different quality. Thanks to the enhancer, I felt I had more control over the result. I could see the cost as a barrier, but you get many generations daily (note they don’t accumulate). Stick to single images or faces in the video, or you’ll be disappointed. I hope they change this and give you the choice of which sections of the video to swap out. Other than that gripe, experience the magic of these high-quality deepfakes. It’s hard to find a competitor!


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