5 Best AI Face Swap Online Tools & Apps 2024

You’ve tried all the traditional porn sites, had fun messing around with AI generations, and now you want something else. Don’t look at me; it’s not my fault you can’t cum without chasing the latest craze. But I can help you. I’ve found the best faceswap apps out there. Even though Deepfakes have been around for years, it was always crazy expensive to get someone to create them for you. Even then, the quality was disappointing, and it’s hard to fap when the face has an entirely different skin tone. There’s a massive influx of AI porn sites that let you make deepfakes in under 10 minutes. All you need is a close-up of a face and whatever other material you can think of, and bam, custom porn. 

I’m shocked at how realistic these sites are. The images aren’t anything special – but when it comes to the videos and GIFs, the fact the faces aren’t slipping off like a horror moving and revealing the ugly chick underneath is much appreciated. You can use these sites for SFW reasons, too – you can make memes and some images for campaigns, and it’s much faster than Photoshop. All the AI faceswap sites I’ve found for your pleasure and experiments are safe. The payments are secure, and your data will not be sold to third parties. You only have to focus on high-quality source material, and AI will do the rest. 

How do you Make Deepfake Pics and Videos?

Typically, you need the footage you want to replace and the face you want to be superimposed. It sounds easy, and it is. The main thing you need to consider is the quality. You need HD+ quality and a face looking towards the camera in the middle distance. An extreme close-up or angle will ruin your fantasies. Most platforms don’t let you do multiple swaps, so it’s best to take the extra time to find a video of a single person so there are no errors. It sucks when you have a fantasy in mind, and then halfway through the video, you’re thrown back into the real world. 

Ethical Concerns

We don’t condone using these sites without explicit consent from someone. It’s an ethical and legal mess if you don’t have permission to share the content online. With great AI porn power comes great responsibility, or whatever Uncle Ben told Spiderman before he started shooting his web over multiple women. You need to agree to these apps’ disclaimers before making content. If you fuck up, that’s on you. Your data is secure, and they won’t share it, but there is always the possibility of something going wrong. The internet isn’t known for being filled with roses. With that in mind, let’s check out the top AI faceswap sites. 

List of the Top Ai Face Swap Deepfake Generators:

  1. Deepswap.ai
  2. AstridAI.co
  3. PornGen.art
  4. NewFacePorn
  5. PornX.ai

Let’s find each of these tools in detail:

– Deepswap.ai


Deepswap is the best for completeness. The face swaps are hyper-realistic and look just as good in a still image or video. You can swap up to 6 faces in a single video, and no other faceswap app I’ve seen offers that service. Do you want to choose which chicks are in that orgy video you love? Or the faces of the chicks sucking dick? POV-style scenes are sexier when you select the actors. Traditional porn doesn’t offer that capability. 

Deepswap.ai videos can be up to 10 minutes long and 500 MB. To circumvent this, you might need to compress the video before you upload it. 2 minutes is the usual maximum on competitor sites, and 10 minutes is long enough to bust a nut instead of giving you blue balls. I generated some images in around 30 seconds, and the videos took about 5-10 minutes to develop. It depends on the quality and length of the upload, etc. 

Deepswap.ai has a few tools to help make more convincing deepfakes. You can enhance image resolution. Their example is bullshit because nothing can fix the photo quality they used. I tested it out myself, and it does make a noticeable difference, but it won’t save a shit photo from being a shit photo. You can turn images into cartoons. They look weird, to be honest, but if you want some anime-style photos, this is an excellent way to get them. 

Pros :
✅ Flexible for both images and videos
✅ Fast processing speed
✅ Extra editing tools
✅ Swap multiple faces
Cons :
❌ The videos burn through a lot of credits

– Faceswaps cost 0.01 credits for an image, GIFs cost 1 and videos 1 credit/15s

$9.99/month for 20 credits/month

– AstridAI.co

astrid face swap image

You won’t be surprised why AstridAI is probably the best deepfake generator. The face swaps are fantastic and realistic. You can’t tell the original from the generation when you upload the right photo. There’s a free swap of one image for you to test yourself. It’s a short free trial, but hey, it’s free. The speed is impressive, and there’s hardly any waiting. It can be tricky getting the right picture without any interference so they have an occlusion feature that removes anything blocking the face. 

The videos are the best and worst part of AstridAI. You can clone voices and make them say whatever you want, which is excellent for adding moaning and sexual sounds in videos that didn’t initially have them. It’s one thing seeing a celebrity deepfake online, it’s completely different choosing what they say, without them sounding like robots. There are face enhancement tools to make sure your video generations are the best quality possible. There are many other enhancement options for the faces, and you can decide how similar you want the generation to be to the original. It’s similar enough to fantasize over but not enough to be sued. 

The bad part with the video is they swap out the first face they see. It’s tough finding porn videos to download that only show a single face and show it early on. I tried a video without an actor for the first 10 seconds, and it didn’t give me a new generation. You need to have a Telegram account to use this service. Making an account with your number is quick, and it’s encrypted. AstridAI is constantly updating and improving its platform – it probably gets the most attention I’ve seen on an AI porn site. 

✅ Clone voices and edit or insert them in videos
✅ Fast generations
❌ It only works through Telegram.
❌ It doesn’t work well for long videos

This Tool offers many Membership options:

Free: You get one free faceswap

Basic: $9.70/mo for 50 credits/day, priority queue and photo enhancement

Standard: $27.70/mo for 300 credits/day, speech cloning, frame enhance.

Premium: $49.70/mo for 1000 credits/day, customization and 3 swap models with the highest priority

– PornGen.art


The whole site looks beautiful, like a purple PornHub. You can test FaceMorph for free when you make an account; otherwise, it costs 50 gems per generation. The realism is fantastic; you only need to upload the base image and the new face you want. I tried some that weren’t facing directly towards the camera, and even those looked great. 

The deepfakes are fantastic, but there’s no way to customize them. PornGen has a bunch of other AI porn tools, but none of them let you images either. It takes around 30 seconds to wait while your faceswap generates. That’s fast for these AI porn tools. What it lacks in customization, it makes up for in terms of quality, and the free trial is a great way to see if you want to opt for the gem features. The price is kind of high, but they never expire, and 20 bucks for 60 generations is way better than other AI deepfake websites. 

✅ Lots of other features and undressing tools
✅ Affordable
❌ Forces you to accept advertising emails on signup
❌ No editing or customization options

Facemorphs cost 50 gems, and this is the current Gems Pack: $19.99 for 3000 gems, $34.99 for 5000 gems and $59.99 for 12,000 gems.



Here’s a standout from the top AI faceswap sites. You don’t need to source a video or look for images here. They have 36 porn templates that feature lesser-known models masturbating and fucking in various positions. The videos are short at 2 minutes long, but you can constantly see the actress’s face. They’ve got a good mix of ethnicities, so when you create deepfake porn videos, you’ll find a good match. There are no skin corrections if you upload a black model over a white pornstar, so keep that in mind. The homepage has a teaser of Margot Robbie smiling while a guy jerks off over her semi-nude body. That’s entirely against what I said earlier about consent.

NewFacePorn takes out all the work from finding NSFW videos. You lose some personalization because you can’t choose the video, but it avoids the annoying fact that in standard porn, you can’t see the face, or the angles change so much that AI can have trouble tracking what’s going on. Trust me, seeing a face change halfway through a scene is a jumpscare. The videos you can choose from are enough to satisfy the biggest fan of XXX hardcore sex. 

You can store several faces on their site and put them into the videos – it takes around 5 minutes to render. Once that’s done, the HD footage will have you second-guessing whether that person you like moonlights as a porn actress or not. The faces are seamlessly integrated into the videos, and the moaning and sex sounds make the content extremely hot. It sucks there are no membership plans, and you have to pay per video. It takes a lot of processing power to make this, but close to 30 bucks for two minutes of footage is a killer. 

✅ Unique take on AI deepfakes
✅ There is a wide variety of videos to choose from
❌ You can’t upload your videos.
❌ The videos are 2 minutes long on average.

Each video you use costs $29.90. You can use the videos with different faces once you buy them.

– PornX.ai


You might be surprised to see PornX make this list of the best 4 faceswap sites. It’s usually associated with high-quality AI porn generations and the undress feature. Anyone who uses this AI porn site to generate custom adult content feels like they’re playing god. Except Adam and Eve don’t exist; it’s Eve and her sexy friend. The fact is there’s a feature for custom faces. The other deep swap sites in this review require you to have two pics ready. That’s where PornX shines. You only need a photo of a face and can make whatever content you can dream of.

The video porn generator is still in beta, so the faceswap deepfakes only apply to images. This feature applies to the photorealistic model, so you can’t mess around with anime or hentai pics. I love the custom faces because you can create whatever you want for the rest of the image. You wanna see that celebrity dressed as a pirate on a spaceship? You’ll get that exact image if you use the prompts. The tags nearly give you the same creativity and can provide more consistent results because of their nature. 

The downside is they’re planning to remove this feature which is why I’ve put it down in the fourth spot, plus it doesn’t work for videos like all the other apps I’ve reviewed here. You can save characters and tweak their bodies and prompts l. Maybe one day you’re in the mood to see them in tight-fitting latex and another in a swimsuit at the beach. The face will always be consistent. You can’t use it without having a premium membership, but you get access to other AI porn tools if you do, so I don’t see what’s to lose!

✅ The rest of the generation is fully customizable with prompts or tags.
✅ Consistently high quality
✅ You also get a lot of other AI porn tools
❌ It doesn’t work for videos
❌ It only works for the realistic model.
❌ You need an expensive membership to use the feature.

Membership costs 800 tokens a month, and you get 300 free tokens every month that roll over (so after the first month, it’s 500 tokens/month).

You can buy also separate tokens to have more benefits.


Whichever one of these sites you choose, you can create deepfakes with only a few clicks. The variety is excellent – AstridAI is the best, but it struggles with long videos. Deepswap.ai is fantastic for videos, NewFacePorn gets you NSFW videos quickly, but it’s expensive, and PornX allows you to make custom AI porn without needing to use pictures of real people (except for the face). They’re the Infinity Stones of the AI porn faceswap apocalypse – get them all, and you’ll become an unstoppably horny dude you’re not already. These are the best AI faceswap sites for their realism, ease of use and flexibility.


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