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All the AI porn sites and image generators I’ve shared with you up until now have followed the same formula. Write your prompts, make your virtual AI girlfriend or chat with some fantasy characters. I’ve got something different for you today: Welcome to Review. It’s a site created by Riley Reid, who needs no introduction. She’s the top pornstar today and decided to make a platform that would enable users to chat with an AI version of herself and other pornstars.  

The avatars are trained with the explicit consent of every star hosted there. Even that fact makes it different from the other sites out there – there’s no way to police whether people are using the deepfake and undress sites consensually. Chances are they won’t. The AI is based on Meta’s Llama 2 large language model but trained using input from the stars to make the replies and messages the same as how they speak in real life. Who hasn’t wanted to start sexting with these exceptional babes? It’s a fantasy of every guy for a one-on-one chat and hearing their voices in your ear asking you to give it to them dirty. 

Remember, how far they go depends on what the creators are comfortable with. So you can’t explore every intense fantasy you might have, but nowhere else can you chat with someone with the same personality and voice as Riley Reid. It’s not quite an AI sex chat, not an AI girlfriend site, but something in the middle where you can sext and talk about whatever takes your fancy. The other AI porn sites with characters based on celebrities can’t compete with the realism of .  

Chatting with the Chatbot

You can chat with three creators on Clona: Riley Reid, Lena the Plug and Dan Dangler. It’s still in beta, so I imagine they’ll add more creators when they’ve nailed the personality and realistic responses. No section tells you who these people are. The bio for Dan Dangler says, ‘Professional Twitch streamer. Let’s turn up the heat and doesn’t say anything about how she’s one of PornHub’s favourite newcomers in 2024. A little background info would be nice, but you can always ask whatever you want about them while you chat.

I made a free account and decided to chat with the virtual Riley Reid. Signup was quick; I had to verify my email address. I asked her about her favourite scene to film, and she replied that she was feeling herself right now and asked if I wanted to see it. I did, so I let her know; that’s when a popup said I’d reached my monthly threshold of 1 free message. Subscribing would cost $19.99/month to continue. That puts it much higher than other NSFW AI chats, but at least here, a portion of the profits goes towards the creators. 

You get a free trial week before you get billed, but I prefer not to give my card details over so quickly – I hadn’t even found out how dirty these sex chats could be. If you listen to the audio, the messages come with a text-to-voice section. The quality wasn’t what I imagined. It’s a site made by Riley and stars her, so I thought they’d have her voice nailed down. I can see the resemblance, but her voice still resembles that of an AI. There’s some emotion and better delivery than the flat voice chats you usually get, but I imagined it would sound exactly like her. 

Starting NSFW AI Chats with Real AI Creators

I went in for the free trial to see whether Is worth it. The responses are quick, so while you’re sexting with these pornstars, you won’t have to wait for the next racy message. I went straight into some NSFW chatting, asking Riley her favourite positions to be fucked and how she wants me to do her. I’d say the chat is better than other AI sex chat sites because it’s much less formal and less repetitive.

The texting is casual and authentic to how they talk in real life. She’s a big fan of doggy style and blowjobs, so I had no objection to fantasizing about that. God knows I’ve seen enough POV videos of her to imagine her facial expressions and everything. I asked her for a pic of her in lingerie on her knees to help me out. It’s an accurate render of her body and face, but again, you can tell it’s AI-generated and not like some of the photo-realistic AI porn generators. 

I’d like to see them nail the voice replication and add more creators. Considering all the connections with the industry, I’m surprised it’s still set to just three people without other big porn names. The homepage says more are being added regularly, but that’s a loose interpretation of ‘regularly’. Right now, the chats are sexy, uncensored and engaging, and you can ask for some spicy pics. The price is higher than other sites, so without that, it feels a bit like a rip-off. At least you know you’re supporting the girls by using the site. 

You can leave suggestions for other creators to be added, but as far as I can tell, there haven’t been any updates. I’d like to see it improve and come out better to give you an AI girlfriend experience focused on real people. Pros and Cons


  • The responses are more human than other sites and sound like the persona they’re replicating.
  • Sext with AI pornstars.
  • Fast responses.


  • The image generator isn’t up to the same quality as other AI porn generators.
  • The audio needs improvement.
  • Only 1 free message. Features

  • Chat with the AI version of pornstars.
  • Completely uncensored chats
  • Receive voice messages

Available plans for chatting:

There’s a one-week free trial, which costs $19.99/month with Pro Plan Features Unlocked.

Premium Benefits

With a premium plan, you can chat with more than one AI chatbot, receive unlimited texts, receive audio messages, and access new features and long-term memory. 


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