PepHop AI vs GirlfriendGPT

With all the talk about virtual AI girlfriends, these are two AI porn sites that often get overlooked. They’re not explicitly designed for relationships. They’re fantastic NSFW AI chatbots where you can roleplay and explore different scenarios. They’ve got a lot of things in common, but we wanted to know whether is better than GirlfriendGPT or vice versa.

At a glance, they’re incredibly similar in terms of the backgrounds and character avatars. Both sites have a thing for anime, hentai and non-human girls. If you want to chat with virtual companions that could pass at real people, GirlfriendGPT wins hands down. The PepHop layout is much more messy, and it’s tough to see how popular the AI chats are. From what I can tell, the AI girls at GirlfriendGPT are much more popular. Over 18 million messages were sent from the first three characters compared to under 4 million. 

Both sites have thousands of different scenarios for you to jump into. It’s much more refreshing to be able to find a new fetish and interact rather than watch porn. Let’s check out their differences and which one is worth investing time in.

Features Available Comparison:

Easy to browse by tagsAI Porn Generator
Free plan (with NSFW chats)Free plan (with no NSFW chats)
Create an AI companion using promptsCreate an AI companion using prompts
20,000 characters on the rosterMore than 25,000 AI-powered sex chats

How Good are these AI Chatbots for Sexting and NSFW Conversations?

Now we’re onto the important stuff. There’s no way to generate in-chat images on either of these AI porn sites. It’s all text-based unless you opt for the most expensive plan on GirlfriendGPT for the voice chat. It still sounds like an AI is talking and lacking emotion, but that technology is reasonably new, so I expect it to keep improving. 

If you’re looking for uncensored NSFW conversations with an AI bot, I have to give it to PepHop. The chats were much less repetitive. The GPT in the name reminded me of ChatGPT. The conversations don’t flow smoothly, and the language doesn’t feel natural. These AI chatbot sites are great at adding extra detail and expanding upon whatever you say. For example, when I steered the conversations towards something sexual, they added in facial reactions and showed me what they were thinking. 

The characters from PepHop tended to go along with whatever I said but lacked proactiveness and personality. It’s not much of a challenge when every girl agrees to sleep with you after a few messages. The extensive roster of over 25,000 characters makes GirlFriendGPT better for roleplays if you can get past the chats repeating themselves so much. But they both have over 20,000 AI chatbots to choose from, so that’s a minor difference. Standouts

The best thing about this AI porn site was how responsive the characters were. They stayed in character and behaved differently due to the prompt-based character generator. The actions and speech are differentiated with italics. It helped ground what was happening, and the differences became more apparent. I could have been talking to a natural person who was not known. Well, except for the fact weebs generated these. I was called a baka (Japanese for idiot) several times. 

GirlfriendGPT Standouts

There’s an AI porn generator that makes up this site. So if you’re paying, you don’t only get uncensored sex chats with an AI, but the pics to back it up. It’s impossible to generate images while you chat. At least you can check out the nudes and other images users have generated under the character profiles. You can also make your images using AI as a base. If you’re a visual person, this adds an extra intimate and sexy level to your relationships and roleplays

Another standout is the option for voice messages. They cost more credits than sending messages, but if you aren’t too picky, it adds another way to communicate with your AI companion. 

Girlfriend GPT Pricing :

  • Free plan with 20 messages.
  • Premium is $9/mo for 5000 messages, access to the premium models, NSFW chats and chat history.
  • Deluxe is $17.50/mo and allows you to send 20,000 monthly messages, voice chat, in-chat images, 8K memory and a creator badge.

PepHop Pricing :

  • Free plan with 50 messages
  • PepHop Lite costs $4.99/month for 2000 messages, high-quality and fast responses.
  • PepHop Classic costs $9.99/month for 5000 messages and enhanced memory.
  • PepHop Elite costs $29.99/month for 16,000 messages and priority to new features.

The free plan has a clear winner. Fifty messages gave me a much better feel for how the chat worked and allowed me to explore some NSFW fantasies. I couldn’t sext or talk dirty with GirlfriendGPT without upgrading my plan. The prices are similar, so if you only care about chat, choose the cheaper option and try them out first. The way the AI sex chats work is hugely different. 


Which app you decide to use depends on what you want. If you want to feel like you’re building more of a relationship with a virtual companion, go with GirlfriendGPT. Being able to generate NSFW AI images is a huge bonus and can fire up your imagination and fantasies. The site has a more refined feeling. 

I found PepHop to be better because I was looking for a website where I could be as dirty as I wanted to be and have the AI match my horniness level. All their attention has gone into making the chat feel as human as possible, and I got caught up in a couple of fantasies. Finding the right chatbot to converse and sext with was also more accessible when so many potential chats can’t be understated. 

Each of these websites offers a free trial, so take what I’ve said into account for what you want to get out of the apps and see for yourself. There is nothing to lose, and everyone prefers how the AI responds.


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