PornX vs Promptchan AI: Full Comparison

These are two of the biggest hitters when it comes to AI porn art generators. They’ve been around for a while and host millions of AI-generated nudes on their pages. It can be hard to tell them apart at times. I don’t blame you for wondering if PornX or PromptChan is better for generating AI porn. They both deliver photorealistic images and give you a choice between multiple styles like fantasy, anime and hentai generators.

pornx vs promptchan image

Each of these sites allows you to generate AI porn videos. Now, don’t let your imagination get the better of you. It’s still new tech, and I saw a lot of videos that made me want to put these poor people out of their misery. This is a feature that’s going to improve for both of the sites continuously, so I wouldn’t be too quick to judge. For now, PornX has better offerings if you want to make videos, but I suggest you stick to the image generation of both sites. It’s much less disturbing. Check back in a few weeks or months if you’re impatient to feel like a director.

Something both of these AI porn sites excel at is their customer service and love for their platform. If you log in before leaving for a few weeks, you’ll likely see some new features, be they tags, new models, or higher-quality generators when you sign back in. A lot of other sites don’t put this much love into their work, and for me, that places both PornX and PromptChan in the top tier in any conversation about what the best AI porn generator site is. 

Available features compared: Features
– Generate AI porn for free– AI porn image generator
– Make videos– Make videos
– Undress photos– Editing tools
– Generate one photo per prompt– Generate up to four images per prompt
– Custom faces and poses– Custom poses

PornX Standouts:

With a subscription, thanks to the undress feature, you get more tools here, like AI deep nudes. They’re planning on moving the site, probably as a legal safety net, but you can now undress any image you want. It’s a nice little extra thing to consider at the higher price. 

Another standout is the fast mode that lets you generate an image in 5 seconds. That must be a world record. The option to use tags, NSFW actions and custom faces, as well as more choices for porn actions and generators, is always welcome. Pros and Cons:


  • Unlimited generations on the free plan
  • XVision and XDream are hyper-realistic models.
  • Regular updates and improvements


  • You can’t generate multiple images at once
  • Higher price than competitors
Try PornX

PromptChan Standouts:

It can be hard to stop generating images if you’re on a roll. This site allows you to write a single prompt and generate four images simultaneously. This saves you a lot of time and makes selecting the hottest one for your personal use easier. 

Overall, it’s a versatile NSFW generator with excellent editing capabilities and the ability to create photorealistic content. Another unique function is the ability to create a character and then save it for reuse for other generations. No one likes making a jaw-dropping, pants-dropping girl and never being able to see her again! Pros and Cons:


  • The images are some of the most realistic ones I’ve come across.
  • Fantastic porn gallery
  • Save and reuse characters.


  • You need the most expensive plan to unlock videos.
  • No tag-based options
  • No free plan
Try Promptchan

Browse Millions of AI-generated NSFW Images

Let’s start with their galleries. PornX says it has over 30 million images to look at. As much as I’d like to, I don’t have the time or stamina to go through all those images. The smaller sites generate thousands of images daily, so I believe their claims. Especially considering you can use their site for free. You don’t even need to sign up to create custom NSFW images

Their gallery doesn’t have large pictures; they’re all packed together, which is distracting. You don’t get a good look at any image. The quality is there, though. There are realistic chicks, cartoons, and anime girls in all manner of explicit settings. Some decent filters, such as actions, styles, and models, help you navigate this den of depravity. 

Looking at PromptChan, I see they know how to run a gallery. Their images all get a lot more real estate. You get to see all the small details that showcase the power of their AI porn generator. They had a massive selection of over 20 million images. The main difference between the two sites is the fact you can’t filter by actions or more specific tags, just what’s popular, trending or new. There are also some ads interspersed between the images, but it’s nice not having to click through and load a page to get a decent look at the porn. 

Both sites allow you to copy prompts or tags and leave comments. It makes them have a bit of a community vibe – horny dudes around the world drooling over these fake women (and men). This similarity doesn’t make it any easier to decide if PromptChan or PornX is the better AI porn site. All I know is that after looking at what users were making, I had to give these generators a go for myself. 

Does PromptChan or PornX make hotter NSFW pics?

To keep it simple, if you want consistency, try PornX. If you wish to have some hyper-realistic images, then PromptChan wins in quality. That said, XVision and XDream are two new generators that PornX has just released. It ups the game, and the models look straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. If you’re making NSFW AI images for the first time, then the interface for PornX is much more straightforward. It allows you to select between either prompts or tags. The benefit of using tags is there’s less chance something will go wrong with the generations. Don’t overuse them, or you’ll end up with AI ignoring some of your selections. 

When you get the sexiest images side by side, the PromptChan generator shines. Their AI nudes are much more realistic, and I had trouble noticing even the slightest trace of the AI. The only giveaway is how perfect the girls look. Because you can only use prompts, you’ve got to use your creativity for sex scenes. There are no default sex actions, so you’ve got to make sure you write short prompts so the AI doesn’t mess up.

Both of these sites have the odd mishap. They might ruin the hands of the girls, make a dick look like it should be attached to an alien or ignore some of the prompts or tags you selected. Don’t let those affect your opinion – these happen much less frequently here than on other AI porn generators. That’s another reason why both PornX and PromptChan are contenders for the best NSFW AI porn generator. 

Membership Plan:

Both of these AI porn sites have most of their features locked behind a premium account. The main point of difference is that all the generations on PromptChan cost credits. That means you don’t get a free trial. They both offer gem packs if you need a top-up, but PornX only charges you for their Undress deepnude generator and video generations if you’re not a member.

If you plan to make some deepfakes and AI nudes, PromptChan’s premium tiers have a much lower entrance fee. However, you miss a few features and might run out of gems.

PornX PricingPromptChan Pricing
Unlimited free plan with restrictions on the tags you can use and no prompt access.Plus: $11.99/month for 300 gems and basic features.
Memberships cost 800 tokens ($21.24/month) for complete access, custom poses and faces, video generation, editing tools, and 4x upscale, and you get 300 tokens back.Premium: $18.99/month for 800 gems and advanced features like the edit mode and access to all styles.
Premium: 760 Tokens/mo for 3 months, 720 Tokens/mo for 6 months, 680 Tokens/mo for 1 year.Pro: $26.99/month for 1500 gems, save AI characters, generate videos, extreme-quality generations and all features.


Has that helped you figure out whether PornX or PromptChan is the best AI tool for you? I sure hope so because my girlfriend is starting to get jealous of all these AI nudes I’m looking at! If you’re someone who wants to look at realistic girls and explore some fantasies, then PromptChan is probably the best site for you. Or if you need to relax and let out stress while you look at a massive gallery of naked chicks. The pricing plans provide some excellent flexibility, but it’s annoying that you can’t get all the features without paying 27 bucks a month, and no free plan hurts.

If you want to get more value out of your subscription, with extra features like a deepnude generator, then try PornX. It’s more user-friendly thanks to the tag system they offer. They recently received a massive update to their site and generators with some new tools that allow you to make even more realistic images. 

When it comes to PornX vs PromptChan, you can’t go wrong with either of these sites if you want to join the millions of people enjoying the rise of AI porn sites. If you’ve got any fetish, type them in as a prompt and enjoy making gorgeous women and men. All it takes is a bit of creativity, and you’ll never have to rely on traditional porn to satisfy your needs. They’re both the top AI porn-generator websites for a reason. Go and find out why for yourself!


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