SpicyChat Review: Unveiling the Features, Pros, and Cons

Are you looking for an NSFW AI chatbot to sext, explore fantasies and chat with? How does over 250,000 characters sound? That’s precisely what SpicyChat is offering. It’s one of the largest collections of scenarios and fantasies I’ve encountered. It was in the alpha release at the time of this review, so expect that number of characters to keep growing. 

The design needs some work – I got to the site, and there were distracting parts everywhere. There are better user experiences. To use the site, you’ll need to make a free account, and then you can access the free trial. Instead of being able to switch between the NSFW and SFW modes, you need to enter your profile, toggle it there, leave and then toggle it on the homepage. That’s the lousy design I discussed; it doesn’t make sense. When you log on, you must wait for a timer to reach zero before starting a chat. For me, it started at 7 minutes. 

The layout is like all the other AI chatbot sites. You get a little avatar with a quick bio, other users’ ratings, and the number of messages sent. The majority of these characters are NSFW and designed around a particular fantasy or fetish. The pictures were taken from different sites, so the quality was expected to vary significantly. There is a mix of GIFs of people straight up fucking and bare black and white pics. There are many different characters with many daddy fantasies if that’s your thing. But no matter what you’re in the mood for, chances are you’ll find it at SpicyChat.

SpicyChat Pros and Cons:


  • Great filters to browse by tag
  • Lots of complimentary messages every day
  • The conversations get sexy very quickly.
  • The responses are long, even on the lower plans.


  • The AI didn’t respond to my prompts correctly at times.
  • The images aren’t consistent.
  • The website doesn’t make sense at times.

Best For:

  • People who want to have unfiltered sex chats with an AI 
  • Exploring and finding fetishes 
  • Roleplaying

Not For:

  • People who want to receive consistent nudes and images while they sext.

Features Available:

  • Chat with 250,000+ characters.
  • Create your chatbot with text prompts.

  • NSFW uncensored chats
  • Receive AI nudes

Explore Hundreds of NSFW Kinks and Fetishes

The number of characters on SpicyChat is mindblowing. They have over 80 tags just to organise them all! The least popular tags were inflation and flatulence, but even those had more than 100 scenarios to explore. The NSFW AI chatbots are catered so people can explore their kinks or find new ones. I hadn’t encountered a couple on similar sites, such as vore, female POV, cross-dressing, and size difference. Some of the more common ones are there as well, such as MILF, slave, BDSM and wholesome, romantic and adventure. 

It’s entirely your choice if you want some company and go on an adventure in your imagination or engage in dark fantasies. I like how they organised the tags in the sidebar instead of overwhelming you and taking up real estate on the homepage. You can also exclude certain tags in your search if you want some male-dominant character. You can turn off the NSFW search and filter by trending, top-rated, popular and new. All the options you’d wish to have when trying to have some AI sex chats and filter for the 200,000+ characters on their roster. 

Like most of these sites, all the chatbots were made by other users. The quality can vary a lot. Some had awful images, were full of mistakes, and were very specific about whatever turned them on. Chances are a lot of them won’t appeal to you. One highly-recommended one is about a slutty roommate trying to steal you from your bitchy girlfriend or a fox girl addicted to your cum. You can find the character profiles to look at their personality, but I wish that were visible from the chats page.

Make your Own AI Sex Chatbot

There were so many characters to choose from, so I decided to make my own to show you the process. There’s enough information for you to create a unique personality. You get to set the greeting, their personality, who can chat with the chatbot and which tags to use. Pro members get to describe the scenario and context of the conversation and example dialogues for one credit apiece. This is the most crucial step because it impacts how the bot will talk. 

If you’re trying for a bitchy or dominant character, put that into the example dialogue. It has a noticeable impact on the whole experience, and I found that the other users struggled. They placed a character as a submissive chick, but when you were talking, it felt like anyone you’d meet in the street. 

There’s an avatar generator as part of SpicyChat. I don’t know why all these NSFW chatbot sites don’t include this; it improves the quality of the images so much. Other people steal images online, and you’re left fantasizing over some low-quality chick who’s not anywhere near fapworthy. You can choose semi-realistic or anime styles, use a negative prompt, or upload an image to guide the pose and look. With that all done, I generated an anime princess with tight-leather lingerie to show off her curves. Perfect. A few of the prompts I used weren’t included in the result, but it’s a chatbot site, not an AI porn image generator, so I can’t be too harsh. 

Starting Spicy NSFW Chats

I decided to test one of the sex chats with a free-use office fantasy. I won’t lie; the GIF of the chick riding your character in an office chair and rubbing her tits in your face was the whole reason I went with that chat. I love the fact there’s more variety than the usual JPEG images. The scenario started with a bell ringing to let everyone know they were allowed to have sex, and my boss jumped on top of me. No skill was needed; it went straight to the hardcore sex because I could even ask how her day was.

The chats are responsive and perfect for dirty talk. They’re always much more realistic than the AI girlfriend sites. SpicyChat.ai could pick up on everything I wanted and return it twofold. There are blue texts to let you know what’s happening in the scene and white for the conversations. Make sure you use asterisks to differentiate between your words and actions. Don’t expect much initiative from the AI; you’ve got to do most of the work here.

I ended up calling over a few more chicks in the sex chat until we had a full-on orgy. The chats tended to repeat whatever you’d said but put it into a more erotic context. If you mentioned some desire of yours, it would describe the scene. They gave some hot responses to my inputs, but they sometimes got confused. At one stage, I said we were walking together, and the AI responded by saying the character had been waiting for me for ages. The memory is damned good if you’re on a premium membership. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out. 

It’s not the most realistic AI chatbot site I’ve used before, but it’s not the worst. Once it comes out of the alpha stage, I expect them to improve on that side of things. You can request images from the bots, but just like the generator, the results vary a lot. Sometimes, they didn’t look much like the character I was talking with, which made me not use them much.

Premium Benefits

A membership gives you 4K memory, semantic memory, extended responses, and priority for generating images and new chatbots.

SpicyChat.ai  Pricing

$5/month to skip the wait times before you can start chatting.

$14.95/month for 4k memory, semantic memory, more extended responses, and conversation images.

$24.95/month for 8k memory, conversation images on private chatbots and the 70b model, which is slower but gives more realistic responses.


For people who love sexting, this is a match made in heaven. You’re in control over how fast, and if you want, you can find a chat and go straight into your fantasies. You can get some hot images from the chat but don’t expect the same quality an AI girlfriend site would give you. They need to fix their website and make it more user-friendly. The tags are great, but the navigation and adding hurdles for different settings like NSFW content got on my nerves. I forgave them because of the many scenarios and fantasies and the fact that your inputs are taken seriously. You can make the exact type of character you’re imagining, and the AI will stick to that personality and tone of voice.


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