PornLabs Review: All about this new AI brand!

Here’s a different type of review for you all. Not a site that’s designed explicitly for porn, but once you try out the editor, you’ll be able to do things no other site can match. Scratch all your other subscriptions and test out PornLabs. As the name suggests, you’ll feel like a scientist searching for the best prompt recipe for realistic and sexy women. You can use custom faces if you have a membership for deepfakes and swap out faces.

How the site layout looks

They put most of their work into their landing page. It promises you can make hentai, photorealistic, furry and standard AI art. There are a few photos of naked chicks with big tits. Don’t let it turn you off – they look plastic and fake, but I made better images. But then, I’ve got a lot of experience with these sites and know the fastest way to get a boner. I don’t expect you guys to be able to keep up with me. 

All the action happens on the editor page. You’ll need to make a free account to use some of the features, but it’s a free game from there! You literally get ten free goes a day. This is perfect if you’re not ready to commit to paying to make adult content but are tired of looking at other people’s fantasies.

Create Accurate NSFW Images

Suppose you haven’t tried an AI tool before; this one might be out of your league. The setup is wildly different from the porn-specific generators. To break it down, there’s a section for in-painting, an eraser, brush size, an out-painter to fill in the background or expand a picture, and an area to upload custom faces. The search bar takes you to a gallery to look at other people’s porn creations. It’s in beta at the time of this review, so I’m hoping they will add some filters to make browsing easier. Right now, there’s only an option to keep scrolling in search of the sweet relief only a nude can give you.

Whatever image you like, you can download it and save it to your account or select ‘Try it out yourself’. That option duplicates the photo, not the prompt itself, and loads it into the editor. The other sites are frustrating when you want to improve an image, but you can only copy the prompt. They never give you the same result as Porn Labs does, so that’s a big kudos from me. You’ll love the results when you take a good image and work on it. After making many images myself, I’ve gotta say if you want a photo-realistic-looking woman, it’s not the site for you. If you’re a fan of the semi-realistic style where the chicks have perfectly round tits and botox bodies, then you’ll be in heaven.

What NSFW AI Content can I make on this Site?

This AI generator site has all the features you need to make whatever AI porn takes your fancy. The editing tools are where the website shines. You can upload whatever image you want and immediately get to editing it. Simply in painting, you can change your clothes, undress your image, and modify features like breast size, eyes, and hairstyle. 

It’s a massive sandbox for you to experiment with. As long as you take care with your prompts and make sure they’re not too long or confusing, you can create hentai, anime, furry and realistic porn images. Where Porn Labs drops the ball is that it’s not designed explicitly for NSFW content. You won’t get the same results as you might using a specifically AI art website. Ensure you start using the site with specific ideas about what you want to see. 

The positive side of being a generic AI generator website is that you can use the excuse that you’re testing out an AI generator instead of being a reclusive masturbator. No one will bat an eyelid or realise that you’re using it to undress women and check out custom-made hentai chicks.

PornLabs Features:

  • Prompt – image.
  • Image – Image.
  • Image pose – image.
  • Works for the hentai, furry and realistic adult content.
  • Powered by stable diffusion.

Premium Benefits:

When you sign up for a membership, you get access to unlimited generations. Other bonuses include higher-quality images, a mix of different aspect ratios, and inpainting to fix and edit parts of your images. One of the main benefits is unlocking custom photos to make deepfakes or gain a higher level of control over your AI creations.


  • High skill ceiling.
  • It has tools that other sites don’t offer.


  • The help section doesn’t give any tips.
  • The UX is confusing


You can use the site free for up to 10 images every day. Then you have to wait 3 minutes between each generation. That’s still a much shorter wait than other NSFW AI sites. 

Porn Labs costs $15/month for a membership.


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